Wednesday, March 10, 2010

something new is out

On March 13, 2010 Saterday the latest Pokemon versions Heart Gold, and Soul Silver will come out. It is said it will have the best graphics yet. I'm very very very excited and a little hyper because I just drank a whole Moutain Dew. I heard that poeple in Japan are already posting cheats for the game. I have dicided to not do any pokemon vidio game cheats on the new version I want to play it fair (at least on the first go round :D) . If I were to pick between the two new versions I would pick Soul Silver because it has my favorite legendary pokemon in it Lugia. It is said that Lugia controls all the sea currents because if they get out of balance the weather would get all freaky like in the movie Pokemon movie: 2000 (it is a weird name I know but what are you going to do) where exactly that happend. Heart Gold contains Ho-oh, a rainbow Pokemon. It is said that Ho-oh brings happyness and love and makes the rainbows all over the world. You can see Ho-oh in a Pokemon movie it is just a glimse but what can I say I had nothing to do with it. If I did you would see more than just a tiny glimse! You can see the glimse in pokemon movie: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. You can rent this if you have netflics. It is a good movie I can asure you. Also Ho-oh is very rare in Pokemon versions. There are several Pokemon versions. The original are Red, Blue, and Yellow. They were the main spread of pokemon items everywhere. Then later on they made Gold and Silver (these were original versions the insperation for the new virsions). Then came Leaf Green and Fire Red now the recent generation there is Pokemon Dimond and Pokemon Pearl. In the scale of the world the most pick as the coolest so far is Pokemon Platinum Virsion ( by now you may have noticed that all of the are named after presious minerals except Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow). Then there are the new ones Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I hope the make a movie of it I have no record of a movie ever created for the old versions either If you want a list of movies here you go: Pokemon the first movie ( yeah thats what it is called), Pokemon movie 2000, Entei lord of the Unown, Mew two returns, Pokemon 4 ever, Jirachi wish maker, Destiny Deoxys, Lucaroio and the mystery of Mew, Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the sea, The rise of Darkrai, Giritina and the sky warrior, and last but not certainly least Arces and the jewel of life. I think that concludes the end of my story. If you have any comments any at all please o please tell me. I like to tell people stuff about pokemon. This is the Inventor signing off goodbye:D.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Wow I've made a lot of progress I've written what 3 blog articals already I'm on a roll I think I'll wright one more for today.

march 9, 2010 8:09

At the is minute no this second my family is all in the living room watching American Idol we just skiped through some bad singing and Randy just finished critisising a contestent and Simon for the first time ever gave a complement the brown haired girl said something nice and the new person made everyone laugh now a girl is playing the guitar and singing pretty good better than the last girl dad said she was singing good mom agreed penny gave a big sigh of bordness the girl got a big applaud Randy said a nice comment the new person said yes in dee dee the brown haired girl said she did better than last week simon is complementing again he said she had a wow moment. there is a spotlight on this girl she walks up and starts singing on minute into it mom said wow what is up with her voice she just tried a high note and it sounded crooked Randy just laughed and you can tell he's not going to say something nice I'm right the new person criticized her and the brown haired girl said sorry but it just wasn't good Simon said it was a peanut performance where you sit down and watch some one sing it might be the end for her and up next a girl playing the electric guitar it is now 8:26 OK beginning people are clapping and now it really sounding good very good rythem it souds like she's ending in a long ending.

Picture of Mr. Cow!

startrek movie reveiw

Opening was OK but base volume should have been raised. The graphics were phenomenal. Makeup on characters was amasing. Old captain of the Enterprise acted good. I thought Spock's makeup would come off but it didn't. It was amasing how they incorperated Scoty's story into it. I loved future Spock, he was cool. When we saw him in the movie in a cave my mother said "Obi Onekanobi!". It would be funny if in the movie bloopers they said he was Obione and say ooops wrong movie. Near the end when Jim said I have your gun I thought he was going to hold the Romulon warrior as a prisoner and make him give up the password to disable the ships gun and deactivate the drill but his way almost got him killed but worked. If they did my way the ending wouldn't be as good. The red matter as I think it is called was a good idea but they never said any thing about it grouping together in the middle of space but that's what happend in the movie. Right as Spock was beamed out the red matter splashed everywhere but space law clearly states that liquid can't spread in space. Then it grouped up and destroyed the Romulon war ship. This is the end of my review . Goodbye.

WARNING:All Pokemon Fans Read this

Pokemon fans there is a awesome website called It is amazing you can battle your way through every pokemon league possible so far I have a Raquaza level 93 already and I've been playing for to days :D if you have any questions please post a comment this is the Inventor signing off goodbye.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mr. Cow Story #1


On the day I got abducted by aliens I was walking my pet cow named Mr. Cow in the meadow when I saw a beam of light glow all around Mr. Cow and I. Then we started to rise. We went higher and higher then I just blacked out. When I came to I was on a table and a boy like me was across the room on a different table. There was a giant laser overhead. I soon realized that the table he was on said “Mr. Cow.” I was shocked to see him like that. The aliens had turned him into a human! Yet again I fainted. When I woke up the laser was over me and I had suction cups all over my body. A giant slimy green alien hung over me. Then it started talking in Spanish. Since I only know a little Spanish I translated: “Turn into cow.” And then I got zapped by the laser. I started screaming and that screaming soon turned into “moooos”. I was transforming into a cow. I felt agony then everything was still. I heard the alien laughing then he left the room. I felt weak and I couldn’t move. That zap took a lot from me. Then a small click. Again and again. Click, click, click. I heard footprints then somebody was releasing me. I stood up and there was Mr. Cow as a human. When he saw I was weak he gave me pie. When I ate the pie all of my energy came back. And then he said, “Let’s go!” in cow. As we ran through the alien labs we saw super lasers, trip ropes, and trap doors. Mr. Cow found a bag with mirrors, jet packs, and super glue. He said, “What can we do with this?” I told him we could deflect the lasers to destroy themselves, fly over the trip ropes, and glue down the trap doors. “Well, that sounds a lot nicer than getting zapped again by aliens,” said Mr. Cow. “I know what you man.” So after we got through there was more trouble. The aliens heard us coming. They brought more of the cool laser gun thingies. We took out the mirrors to deflect its blast but nothing happened. They were indestructible so I saw Mr. Cow jump up do several back flips and beat them up with Kung Fu. He said he practiced it at night. Then after the battle we got back on earth, back in the meadow, back in our bodies, and we went home.


WARNING: After this story you may experience laughing, itching, sneezing, bumps on yourskin, taking gibberish, riding in cars, flying, running in circles, and destroying cheese. I have nothing to do with this so don’t call now.